Let me tell you why you want to be like my mom. by Ginger Newingham

I am pleased and honored to have Ginger Newingham, a wife, mom, missionary, adoption advocate, crusader for all things just, blogger and old farmhouse inheritor, joining us on Notherhood. She comes to us moms of adult children from the perspective of the adult child telling us how, in her words, “my mom is nailing it!”. Ginger reminds us how good this season can be as our days of disciplining are done and how spoiling our children can now be a good thing. Thank you, Ginger, for sharing a tale from the other side of Notherhood.

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To Notherhood and Beyond!!

These words you are reading on your screen have been a long time coming. I’m a bit nervous but beyond excited to finally get this going. It’s almost been a year since that first “we’re working on it” post.

This post has been prayed for, dreamt about and even agonized over at times. I wanted to choose just the right words that would form just the right message to start this ministry of encouragement out on just the right foot.

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