Kids, this year you can buy your own advent calendars. Love, Mom

Today, December 4th, 2017, I realized that I didn’t buy my kids an advent calendar. I also realized that I am okay with that.

Since I can remember, I’ve bought our children the cheap .99 advent calendars. You know, the ones with the not so great chocolate pieces behind the little tiny paper door that you could barely see the number on.

Each day, usually before breakfast, the kids, would come out of their rooms, scampering to the calendar with their name on it (we don’t share our advent chocolates) to open the tiny little door and pull out the tiny piece of not so great chocolate and inspect it. Most of the time we couldn’t even tell what the shape was meant to be. “Oh”, I’d say confidently while lying through my teeth. “It’s a bell!” or “It’s holly!” And they were satisfied enough to pop the little chocolate morsels in their mouths and eagerly await the same routine tomorrow.

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What I Would Want From My Mother Now, by Lauren Flake

Please help me welcome Lauren Flake to Notherhood! She and I have shared our writings with each other elsewhere on the “web” but this is her first time to share here. Her story is one filled with sorrow due to the loss of her mom in the early years of Lauren being an adult child. But her story is also one filled with hope as she generously shares with others her journey of finding joy in the grief. Lauren, I am beyond blessed to get to know you and so very thankful that you’re sharing your heart words with us. Thank you for encouraging us nothers to be present in our children’s lives while we’re given the gift of time.

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Boomerang Kids, by Sarah May – a boomerang kid

With our last child having recently launched, the idea of one coming back has not been one I’ve thought anything about. I would love to think that, should my kids ever need to boomerang, I would be as welcoming as gracious as my friend, Sarah’s, mom has been to her. And I would pray that my kids would be as conscientious and accommodating as Sarah has been with her mom. Thank you, Sarah, for sharing a tale from the other side of Notherhood.

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Let me tell you why you want to be like my mom. by Ginger Newingham

I am pleased and honored to have Ginger Newingham, a wife, mom, missionary, adoption advocate, crusader for all things just, blogger and old farmhouse inheritor, joining us on Notherhood. She comes to us moms of adult children from the perspective of the adult child telling us how, in her words, “my mom is nailing it!”. Ginger reminds us how good this season can be as our days of disciplining are done and how spoiling our children can now be a good thing. Thank you, Ginger, for sharing a tale from the other side of Notherhood.

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Praying Character Into Our Adult Children

I stumbled over a post I had written on another blog of mine a while back about praying for the character of our children as we raise them. It occurred to me as I read and pondered on my stage of life with adult children, that our kids never outgrow the need for these same character building prayers.

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When a Pot Roast Won’t Fix It: Trusting God With Our Adult Children

Remember when our children were younger and we could put a Band-Aid on their boo-boo and give them a kiss and a cookie and glass of milk? “All better now,” we’d lovingly tell them. Remember when they got older and the boo-boos went from a knee scrape to a wounded heart? It would take more than a kiss and a cookie to make this boo-boo better.

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To Notherhood and Beyond!!

These words you are reading on your screen have been a long time coming. I’m a bit nervous but beyond excited to finally get this going. It’s almost been a year since that first “we’re working on it” post.

This post has been prayed for, dreamt about and even agonized over at times. I wanted to choose just the right words that would form just the right message to start this ministry of encouragement out on just the right foot.

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