15 Bible Verses to Pray Over Your Adult Children by Sue Moore Donaldson

Adult children — a conundrum, no?

I’m not sure when I crossed over from Parenting Those Little Ones Who Obviously Need All the Help They Can Get — to — I’m Still Your Parent But I Guess You Don’t Really Want To Hear Every Wise Thought That Crosses My Brain.

What happened?? And when??

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Kids, this year you can buy your own advent calendars. Love, Mom

Today, December 4th, 2017, I realized that I didn’t buy my kids an advent calendar. I also realized that I am okay with that.

Since I can remember, I’ve bought our children the cheap .99 advent calendars. You know, the ones with the not so great chocolate pieces behind the little tiny paper door that you could barely see the number on.

Each day, usually before breakfast, the kids, would come out of their rooms, scampering to the calendar with their name on it (we don’t share our advent chocolates) to open the tiny little door and pull out the tiny piece of not so great chocolate and inspect it. Most of the time we couldn’t even tell what the shape was meant to be. “Oh”, I’d say confidently while lying through my teeth. “It’s a bell!” or “It’s holly!” And they were satisfied enough to pop the little chocolate morsels in their mouths and eagerly await the same routine tomorrow.

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Six Tips for Successfully Navigating the Empty Nest Season

You are never too old to set a new goal or dream a new dream. C. S. Lewis

Are you new to notherhood or have you been here a while? I’m not talking about the blog but the season. So much of our lives has been focused on raising our children and caring for our families. One thing I’ve noticed, now having three adult children and a very empty nest, is that I have to be purposeful about how I spend my days. And honestly, I don’t always do it well.

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“I’ll probably never eat on a schedule again.” and other random thoughts from a brand new empty nester.

As I write this, I have a few short hours before I enter the season of being an empty nester. Our baby bird flies out of the nest today. Literally. She’ll hop on a plane from England and fly to Texas. And just like that, our nest will be empty.

My desires do not change reality – nor would I want them to if I’m honest with myself. Not only will I let her go but I will grab my car keys and drive her to the airport. Letting go won’t be easy but I’ve learned (the hard way at times) that right is rarely easy. (click to tweet)

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Moms, you can survive when your child moves out. I promise!

I think back to a moment when our daughter had her first baby. She was exhausted. Spent. The feedings rolled around every two hours but by the time she finished the feeding and completed one task such as a quick power nap or shower, two hours had passed and her sweet little one was hungry again. We stood face to face in her living room. Her with her downcast shoulders and me with my sympathetic smile. I cupped her tear-stained cheeks with my love-worn grandma hands and said, “You can do this. Many others have gone before you and survived. It will be okay. I promise!”

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We Get to Leave the Candy Out! (And Other Wonderful Things Nothers Get to Do)

For those whose children have all flown the coop…

There are things that as mothers we don’t get to do anymore but there are some really great things we can do now as nothers.

As we are about to launch our last chicken (that probably doesn’t conjure up the best visual, does it? Oh well, I’m leaving it.), I find myself struggling a bit with moments of sadness and grieving all the things I will miss. I sit in those feelings for a moment because it’s important to feel them and process them but I refuse to dwell there. I snap out of it and remind myself that this is part of life and that this is right and good – even though right and good is rarely easy. I also remind myself that time marches on after she leaves and that my life needs to march on as well.

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Mom, do you know where my Sperry’s are?

This morning I was driving to the airport to pick up a friend and my daughter called me and asked if I knew where her shoes were. I didn’t recall right away but as I searched through the corridors of my mom brain I remembered that I had seen them in the entry way by the front door. (In plain sight, of course.) I heard my own mom talking in my head, “If it were a snake, it’d ‘v bit you.” But I refrained from allowing that voice in my head to go live mostly because I needed to get off the phone and pay attention to my navigation system.

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