Mom, do you know where my Sperry’s are?

This morning I was driving to the airport to pick up a friend and my daughter called me and asked if I knew where her shoes were. I didn’t recall right away but as I searched through the corridors of my mom brain I remembered that I had seen them in the entry way by the front door. (In plain sight, of course.) I heard my own mom talking in my head, “If it were a snake, it’d ‘v bit you.” But I refrained from allowing that voice in my head to go live mostly because I needed to get off the phone and pay attention to my navigation system.

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When a Pot Roast Won’t Fix It: Trusting God With Our Adult Children

Remember when our children were younger and we could put a Band-Aid on their boo-boo and give them a kiss and a cookie and glass of milk? “All better now,” we’d lovingly tell them. Remember when they got older and the boo-boos went from a knee scrape to a wounded heart? It would take more than a kiss and a cookie to make this boo-boo better.

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What Moms Of Adult Children Long For But Can’t Always Have

I’ll just cut to the chase. We long for togetherness.

Am I right?

We want the family together for holidays. We want a new family picture with everyone in it and SMILING each year. We want Sunday dinners together and we want to sit beside our kids in church. We want them in our laps in the rocking chair if they’ll still fit.

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My Work Here Is Done (Said No Mom Ever)

I’m contributing my thoughts on the difference between being a parent and being a mom over at Read an excerpt below and then click on the link at the bottom of this post to read the rest of the article.

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To Notherhood and Beyond!!

These words you are reading on your screen have been a long time coming. I’m a bit nervous but beyond excited to finally get this going. It’s almost been a year since that first “we’re working on it” post.

This post has been prayed for, dreamt about and even agonized over at times. I wanted to choose just the right words that would form just the right message to start this ministry of encouragement out on just the right foot.

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Motherhood in a Notherhood

Welcome to:

Motherhood in a Notherhood: A community for moms of adult children to encourage and support one another.

I’m busy as a bee behind the scenes to make this space awesome and encouraging for you. Stay tuned!

For now, join us over on the Notherhood Facebook Page to keep up with the progress and find quick snippets of encouragement.


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