When God Whispers Freedom to a Mom’s Heart

On this day that our country celebrates her freedom, it seems fitting to share a bit of freedom-giving encouragement for us nothers.

A beautiful (inside and out) friend, from what seems like a former life, shared her mom heart on her Instagram recently. As I read her post, my soul was stirred and encouraged. I asked her for permission to share with you, which she graciously granted. I think it will speak to your mom heart as well.

From our fellow nother, Jenn:

Being a mom is a funny thing. It plays tricks on the brain. Your subconscious tells you things that can be a little jacked up.Singing this morning at BPF and it just kind of washed over me….. a super freeing thought…..

Singing this morning (at church) and it just kind of washed over me….. a super freeing thought.

Sometimes as a mom you beat yourself up over the way things were… or are… or fear of what will be. Did I pray with them enough? Did I live my faith enough? Was I a good example?

Typically, when things in your child’s life take a turn to the negative side, those questions suddenly turn to statements, “I should have… I didn’t do enough. I missed out on that moment when…”

Looking at the beautiful moments and how God takes children and uses them in such impactful ways, them truly owning their faith for themselves, confident and sharing it; a mom may look with tears in her eyes and say, “Wow. Thank you, God. I can’t take credit for that… It’s only You.”

{my freeing thought}

“Jenn, just in that way you cannot take credit for the beautiful way God is speaking and moving through a child, neither can you take the credit for the struggle of another child. I AM working all things together for good. You cannot take the credit or the blame.”

The timing of His whisper is perfect. (click to tweet)

~Jennifer C.

When God Whispers Freedom

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Photo credit: Pixabay ArtsyBee (no attribution required)

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