My Work Here Is Done (Said No Mom Ever)

I’m contributing my thoughts on the difference between being a parent and being a mom over at Read an excerpt below and then click on the link at the bottom of this post to read the rest of the article.

Having arrived early for her basketball game, she chose to sit in the warm car for a bit and we chatted. I thought to myself how weary I am of making school runs but how much I will miss our drive-time chats one day. She told me she would never eat another hot dog. “Do you know what’s in those things?”, she asked. She followed that up with “I cannot believe that people still eat at McDonald’s.” I feel as though I’ve climbed the motherhood mountain and reached the pinnacle of my parental achievements. My work here is done. She is good to go!

Our last bird is about to fly out of the nest. I’m going to miss her terribly but it does help to have had two other kids fly before her and see them successfully living out all we worked so hard to teach them. Plus, knowing she won’t be eating at McDonald’s puts my mind at ease.

The bittersweet of it all is that our nest will soon be quiet and her room will stay clean. We will send our baby off to college and I will take a nap (although this might look like sobbing in my pillow until I fall asleep). I will miss her just as I’ve missed our others. I’ve been a mom for twenty-six years now. That is about nine thousand, five hundred days of caring, worrying, taxiing, counseling, doctoring, bandaging, cleaning, cooking, shopping, disciplining, refereeing, etc.  Setting my cheeky post title aside, My Work Here Is Done (Said No Mom Ever), being a mom is something I can’t simply walk away from, get over or be done with.

Parenting, however, is a role that I have already begun weaning myself and my daughter from.

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My Work Here Is Done

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